I was at FOSDEM again in 2005. I gave a talk about gcjx and writing one's own GCC front end; here are the slides.

Andrew Haley and I presented at the the 2004 GCC Summit. We talked about the new binary compatibility ABI for GCJ. It turns out that the paper isn't on the summit site, but you can find it here.

Here are my primitive slides for a talk I gave at FOSDEM 2004.

Here's a Linux Journal article that we wrote to describe our first approach to getting Eclipse running on libgcj.

My blog.

My old, un-updated web page. You can tell its age because I haven't been a Gnome hacker in years.

I wrote GNU Automake, but have since passed on maintainership. Please bother the new maintainers. I was also one of the authors of GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool. I'm still somewhat interested in build tools, and about once a year I hack on Build. Mostly I'm hoping someone else will pick up all or most of the ideas in Build, since I don't seem to be all that motivated to hack on it. I hear good things about SCons; you might want to check it out.

I work a lot on GNU gcj, and also GNU Classpath. I've started a pretty primitive list of interesting Free Java projects -- both real or imagined. Here's a to-do list of tasks to make Eclipse integrate more nicely with free software. I've also recently started work on gcjx, a clean rewrite of the gcj front end. You can find us gcj and classpath hackers on irc at irc.oftc.net #gcj, or irc.freenode.net #classpath.