Star Wars RPG

Resources on the World-Wide Web:

*BEST* Star Wars Rules Upgrade
The rules changes that convert the Second Edition rulebook to Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. Though saved on my account, these rules are straight from Bill Smith, creator of the Star Wars RPG.

West End Games
The makers of the original Star Wars RPG. They have since lost the license to create Star Wars games. Wizards of the Coast has their own RPG system for Star Wars in development.

SW-RPG Mailing List Homepage
The WWW page for the Star Wars RPG mailing list.

Star Wars Nav Computer
An extremely ambitious project to map the entire Star Wars universe, based on information from the movies, books, comics, and the RPG material.

Unofficial Episode I Sourcebook
A well-written netbook detailing Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Personal Files:

Star Wars House Rules
My house rules for Star Wars games, written in RTF format.

Alternate Force Rules
An alternative set of rules for using the Force in the Star Wars RPG.

Alternate Alien Design Rules
A more balanced approach to creating aliens in the Star Wars RPG.

Alternate Droid Design Rules
A more balanced approach to creating player-character droids in the Star Wars RPG.

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